These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

20 Facts About Me

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  1. My idea of great weekend plans is finding a fun flea market to poke around and keep an eye out for a potential great D.I.Y. project.
  1. I consider my cat, Sunny, my baby. I’m having a hard time imagining what I’ll do when he’s gone.
  1. Currently, my favorite colors are lilac and periwinkle (not together)
  1. I’m addicted to Criminal Minds, but right now I’m binge watching The X-Files on Netflix. Does anyone know where I can watch the (first) movie online for free?
  1. The Arctic Monkeys are my favorite band, and I definitely gravitate towards alternative rock. But I also have a huge love for Mac Miller and Hoodie Allen…
  1. I’ve traveled to many different countries in my lifetime. My favorite place I’ve visited so far is Barcelona, Spain; while the most unique is St. Petersburg, Russia.
  1. I prefer to write long hand than type something out on the computer.
  1. I swam competitively year-round for 13 years.
  1. I’m an extremely picky eater
  1. Seagulls really freak me out
  1. John Mulaney is my favorite comedian. I’ve seen him preform twice and I hope to see him more in the future. However, I did recently watch Jim Breuer’s comedy special on Netflix 3 days in a row because it left me in stitches every single time.
  1. Ceramic work is my go-to art form. Working with my hands is a great stress reliever for me. Just feeling the clay, and molding it from a blob into something awesome is very satisfying.
  1. Computers frustrate and confuse me more than anything else they provide me with.
  1. In order to keep my stress levels from getting out of control, I have a habit of “downplaying” my feelings and thoughts about something. Sort of like if I say “it’s not a big deal” it’ll actually be not a big deal.
  1. I have a pretty chill and goofy persona; I genuinely like watching someone’s face light up with a huge smile. Even if I’m feeling really down, I rarely feel comfortable enough to allow someone else to see.
  1. A little quote that helped put things into perspective for me when I was dealing with a bunch of horrible people is “I may not be perfect, but at least I’m not you”. And it’s true! As imperfect as I am, I don’t wish to be anyone different. I’m incredibly thankful to be who I am, and know that I have such a good head sitting on my shoulders. Those people have to live with the fact that they’re genuinely shitty people. What do I have to say to them? Good luck with that.
  1. I was diagnosed and treated for Chronic Lyme Disease when I was 16. I didn’t understand until years later how controversial the Chronic Lyme diagnosis is. To this day, I don’t understand how so many doctors don’t recognize it as a real thing. Eventually I would like to talk to people about my experience, and hopefully spread awareness to this shortfall in the medical field.
  1. I have a unique relationship with my parents. It hasn’t always been the best, but recently it’s become really solid and I’m enjoying that a lot.
  1. I think M&Ms on plain pizza is fantastic (don’t judge me!)
  1. Actually, you can judge me, it doesn’t bother me anymore

BONUS! (Since I’m 21!) I’m happily single for the first time since I first started dating. I’m working on myself, and doing my own thing. I have faith that if I continue pursuing my interests and getting out of my comfort zone, I’ll meet someone worth


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