An Open-Ended Letter To My Former Place Of Employment

No, I don’t handle stress particularly well…I often found myself with no one to back me up or defer to. I had to suddenly act in a position that I wasn’t trained for. It’s like not knowing how to swim, but being thrown into the deep end of the pool and the lifeguard shouting, “good luck!”… … More An Open-Ended Letter To My Former Place Of Employment


So, What is Stastie?

My initial thoughts in starting a blog, is to document my journey in “finding happiness” for myself. In my blog’s title, “stastie” means “happiness” in the Slovak language. My dad’s grandparents emigrated from what is now known as Slovakia (formally known as Czechoslovakia). I have always felt the closest to my dad’s side of the … More So, What is Stastie?

“E” is for Emmy

Hey everyone! My name is Emmy, and this is my very first blog post on my blog, Finding Stastie. (In a future post I will explain the meaning behind my seemingly odd title) ~ For years, people have told me that I should write a blog: specifically, one where they could stay up-to-date on my … More “E” is for Emmy